Mates for non-circular fasteners in Solidworks

In SolidWorks, inserting cylindrical hardware is straightforward, but the process for hexagonal or square hardware may not be as intuitive. For instance, adding a Hexagon Rivet Nut or a bolt with a square neck into your design might seem less clear-cut.

Below are instructions applicable to any non-round hardware, illustrated through several examples.

Example 1: Inserting a hex rivet nut into a hex hole.

Insert the metalware into the assembly.
Hex rivet nut into a hex hole

Select the face and the edge, then click on the mate Profile Center and confirm with the green checkmark.
Select the face and the edge

If the nut appears sideways, don’t worry. Simply click on the arrow to orient it correctly.
Fix mate orientation

hex rivet nut in a hex hole

This method works for various types of non-round fasteners.
Another metalware in non-circular holes

Example 2: Square neck bolt and rectangular hole.

Select the edge on the bolt and the edge on the slot. –°lick on the mate Profile Center and confirm with the green checkmark.

Select the edges for orientation


Fix the orientation of the bolt mating in the slot if it's incorrect.

However, there are instances where the arrows indicating orientation adjustments may not appear.
Incorrect mate orientation

Go to the pairing editing menu.
Fix mate orientation

In the mates editing menu, the arrows should appear. Click on the arrows until the bolt is oriented correctly within the slot according to your requirements.
Fix mate orientation

Example 3. Cylindrical screw in a rectangular slot.

Similarly, for a regular bolt meant for insertion into a rectangular slot.

Select a face and an edge, then confirm the insertion.

Following these steps will ensure accurate placement of non-round fasteners within your SolidWorks design.
Select a face and an edgeconfirm the insertionCylindrical screw in a rectangular slot


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